My story
I was born in Hungary and I was interested in art after finishing school. I wanted to go to the College of Applied Arts, but my father wanted me to acquire a practical trade, and I became a glass cutter and then a master.

In 1973, we moved to Sweden, and I had the opportunity to study there. I studied languages and art history at Stockholm University. During these years I started experimenting with drawing and painting. I continued this in the following years.

In the fall of 2003, we spent a longer time in Andalusia, Spain. Me as a newly retired person, after a heart operation. Here I started to paint much more seriously, because the constantly changing sine of the sea, the lights and the orgies of color in the gardens irresistibly attracted me to painting. This is where I became a "lover of colors", which later, in the spring of 2012, became my first exhibition. There in Vera, my town, Spain. Primarily with a nice moral success. Hirem became like the Hungarian self-taught (*) painter.
On the following pages, you can follow my development as an amateur, self-taught painter.
(*) "self-taught - a person who has learned a branch of art without the benefit and help of a teacher or formal schooling - i.e. a self-educated person.